Thursday, 16 October 2014

Market Analysis Oct 16th

I'm back from my break!

A lot happened in the markets over the past 6 weeks. Let's take a look where all asset classes stand.


SPX (Weekly) fell after hitting 5-year channel resistance with bearish RSI divergence

IWM (Small Caps) have been underperforming the SPX (Large caps) by -7% this year, which is a red flag for equities. Here is IWM (Weekly). Small caps broke down from a 1-year topping formation with bearish RSI divergence, similar to the breakdown in 2011. Expect to see further downside from here

TZA is the 3x inverse of IWM. Notice how TZA is retesting a base breakout on its weekly chart with bullish RSI divergence.

VIX (Weekly) is also signalling a warning after breaking out of a large wedge and hitting its highest level since 2011. 

Similar to Oct 2007, Utilities have been outperforming this year while Financials and Homebuilders have been lagging. Source: Charlie Bilello, Pension Partners

All this is happening while investors are extremely optimistic on equities, similar to '07 and '11.


High-yield corporate bonds are correlated with US equities and are giving the same bearish message. Here is the JNK:USB (Junk:Treasury) bond ratio breaking down from a topping formation.

And here is HYG (High-yield bond ETF) breaking down from a 5-year rising wedge

TNX (Daily). The 10-year Treasury Yield had a very wild day yesterday after it broke down from a falling trendline. Recall that this is positive for Gold and negative for US equities.


The USD had a parabolic rally with 12 consecutive weeks of gains. It's finally taking a pause here.

Sentiment analysis says it all.

The Smart Money (Hedgers) are very bearish on the dollar while the Dumb Money (Optix) is very bullish.

The opposite is seen on the Euro - with smart money being bullish; dumb money bearish.


Major breakdowns occurred across the board for commodities in Sept. They are now back to major support. Let's start with Gold and Gold miners

Gold, Silver (Weekly) are both on multiple support.

As expected, the Gold:Silver ratio (Weekly) is also on support.

Over to the gold miners, we see that GDX (Monthly) is at 18-year support

GDX, HUI (Weekly) are possibly forming a double bottom here

GLDX (Weekly) is testing the bottom of its 1-year trading range

The HUI:GOLD ratio (Weekly) is retesting its 3-year falling channel breakout as new support.

Finally, the Smart Money (Hedgers) are very bullish gold while the Dumb Money (Optix) is very pessimistic on gold


Both REMX and URA (Weekly) are back on long-term falling support lines. Given their steep declines over the past 5 weeks, expect at least a bounce here

Similarly, XME (Weekly) is on falling support as well.

CCI:SPX (Weekly) has been rallying after retesting a falling wedge breakout. 

That's all for now. Hope you found this analysis useful.  

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Just a heads up that I am at a remote area for the next 2 weeks and so access to internet will be limited. 

This past week was a very interesting one in the markets: almost all major trendlines on the charts I posted last weekend got destroyed. I am watching to see what type of follow-through we get here. 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Last Stand

There's no denying it.

Commodities & foreign currencies got hit hard this week while US$ exploded higher. The exact opposite of what I've been looking for in the past several months.

GDXJ fell 6% on Thurs alone and ended the week down -7%.

While this type of weekly action has happened several times in the past year (without affecting my outlook), what makes it so important now is that the long-term (monthly) charts are signalling structural changes. Take a look at the 2 charts below.

We see that Gold (monthly) is in the process of violating a 14-year uptrend while the US$ (monthly) is breaking out of 10-year price & 6-year RSI downtrend. However, these are monthly charts and we still have 17 trading days left in Sept.

I emphasize that commodities & foreign currencies must make their last stand here. Let me present why there is a very likely possibility that this week was the capitulation bottom for these asset classes and that they look poised to rally.


Here is the weekly RSI for GDX, GDXJ, GLDX and SIL. Notice how all 4 of these ETFs are on RSI support. A likely place to see a rally.

OK, now I want to show some daily charts in this space.

Gold (Daily) is on dual price support here. It needs to rally ASAP.

Both GDX and SIL are on price & RSI support on their dailies.

Gold:XAU (Daily) is at resistance. The miners (XAU) need to outperform gold here ASAP for this clean H&S top formation to hold. Miners outperforming gold is a sign of strength in the gold space.

CDNX (Daily) is highly correlated with GDX as the chart below shows. Notice how CDNX is currently retesting a wedge breakout while being on RSI support. It also needs to rally ASAP!


Commodity vehicles such as DBA, DBC, GDX, USO, KOL, JJC and JJN did not breach major support levels shown on the charts below. For Nickel, it was actually a great week despite the carnage elsewhere with JJN gaining 6%!


While the US$ has been making a parabolic upside move in the last 2 months, foreign currencies such as EUR, GBP and JPY have been making a parabolic fall. Not only are these types of moves unsustainable, we are close to, or at major support for these foreign currencies.  


US Treasury bonds have had a strong positive correlation with both the Yen and Gold. Currently, the 10-year bond (UST) is on support while the 10-year yield (TNX) is at resistance (as shown on the 3 charts below show). UST must rally here ASAP.

Corporate junk bonds continue to signal caution for US equities. HYG (Weekly) fell this week after retesting the 5-year wedge breakdown. Also, JNK:USB (daily) ratio is retesting the neckline of a broken top. 


The chart below was posted by @InsiderBuySuperstocks and was created by

After the parabolic melt-up in the USD and melt-down in Euro, take a look where sentiment stands. The Euro and Yen only have 20% bulls while US$ has 80% bulls! Not only that, energy and metals across the board have very few bulls.

The Smart Money is at their second highest net long position on the Euro in the past 2 decades!

Meanwhile, the Dumb Money is very optimistic on the US$. You choose who you want to side with...


On the long-term (monthly) charts, Gold is in the process of breaking 14-year support while US$ is breaking 10-year resistance. However, there are still 17 trading days in Sept for gold & commodities to make their last stand.

Shorter-term charts (daily, weekly) are showing that gold, commodities and foreign currencies are on clear support. The dumb money hates these assets and is deeply in love with the US$. Seasonally, Sept is also gold's best month of the year.

Furthermore, Treasury bonds (which have a strong positive correlation with Gold and Yen) are on support as well. Put all these factors together, and commodities & foreign currencies have a very strong chance of reversing the damage on the monthly charts.

Good luck out there.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Market Analysis Aug 31st

Here's a quick tour of all major asset classes. A couple interesting events are taking place - namely in the gold miners and US Dollar.


$SPX (Weekly) is making another run for multi-year channel resistance while carrying negative RSI divergence.


$TNX (Daily) - 10year Treasury Yield continues to act weak after breaking down from a 1-year topping formation with negative RSI.

$UST (Daily) confirms the picture above. This week, the 10year Treasury Price retested the neckline of a rounded bottom base with bullish RSI divergence.

$HYG (Weekly) - The Corporate High-Yield ETF is retesting a 5-year falling wedge breakdown. 

$JNK:$USB (Daily) - This week, the junk to long treasury bond ratio retested the neckline of a broken top. Notice the bearish RSI divergence of this ratio as well. Just like HYG, this ratio is giving a warning for US equities.


Friday was the last trading day of August and the monthly chart for the USD is breaking 10-year resistance. A retest of this breakout line should be expected.

EUR (Weekly) is looking very ugly: In a free-fall with no major support until 128 (-2%). 

YEN (Weekly) also is very weak, with further room to fall. 


Seasonally, September is gold's best month of the year. And while the US Dollar has had its best 2-month rally since early 2013, Gold and Gold miners have held up relatively well and did not breach their June lows.

Gold, Silver and Silver:Gold (Weekly) all held price and RSI support this week

The gold miners also made good progress this week. Here's GDX (Weekly close) rallying after retesting dual support

GLDX (Weekly) held support at the 2-year base neckline.  

This week, HUI (Weekly) starting doing what I've been waiting for. The well-defined 2-year base neckline inched towards a breakout. Watch for follow-through this coming week. 

CDNX (Weekly) - The Canadian Venture is highly correlated with gold and coal miners. It's weekly chart has been very clean & impressive: A 3-year falling wedge breakout & retest was followed by a double bottom base breakout & retest. The recent lows a couple weeks ago took us to RSI support and we bounced from there. Watching the purple pennant to resolve to the upside. 


Commodities seem to have found support in recent weeks. 

Here are DBA and DBC weekly charts on both price & RSI support: 

Natural Gas (weekly) has been rallying off a 5-year support line. 

JJC (Weekly): Copper slipped 2% this week but is still holding a 3-year wedge breakout

KOL (Weekly): Coal continues to hold support at the 2-year base neckline. 

CCI:SPX (Weekly) ratio gained 1% this week after retesting the 3-year falling wedge breakout in the previous week.